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Client Testimonials

Linda, DE

"With her guidance and cheer leading, I made some pretty drastic decisions and changed my path and doubled my income (within 6 months!)"

Michelle, NY

"I replay those moments with you helping me when I was in the hospital, and it brings me to tears. You brought me through the most painful and fearful situation of my life, and I believe in all you do and practice. You are so gifted, and I thank you with my whole heart."

Angela, DE

"I have experienced multiple Reiki sessions with Christiana and each time has been a truly healing experience. I felt relaxed and at ease during the sessions. Christiana has the intuitive ability to identify and address specific areas of concern. During each session she helps to remove negative energy and replace it with healing energy. I have experienced a sense of clarity after each session, leaving me feeling more relaxed and balanced. Reiki has had a positive impact on my health and overall well-being. I recommend Christiana’s Reiki services for anyone seeking guidance, healing and relaxation."
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